We are all human beings, and usually cross cultural communications, even for untrained persons works fairly well. In today’s world most professionals have worked with people from an other cultural background. Should you engage in contract negotiations, then this general knowledge may not be enough and may lead to serious financial consequences.

Senior executives will need specific trainings ahead of negotiations. Currently available are trainings and coaching for India, USA (for Europeans), Africa, Europe (for Americans).


An Example

Swiss managers grow up in a culture where conflicts are solved through calm discourse, resulting in compromise, therefore, tend to offer concessions at an early stage of negotiations.

In Russia, the win-win strategy is for losers. Conflicts are usually resolved by direct confrontation and “may the best man win”…and “best” in Russia usually means “toughest”.

The Swiss will offer concession early in the negotiation. The Russian will most likely accept it, offer nothing in return and he’ll believe that his own tough negotiation strategy resulted in a “win”.


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